For the first time in the history of Georgia, Freeride World Tour 2024 will be held at Tetnuldi ski resort, Georgia in March.

Georgia was denominated among the 6 leading exclusive countries (Canada, Andorra, Spain, Switzerland, Austria and Georgia), which had the right to hold the Freeride World Tour. The decision was announced at the annual Freeride event in the Annecy, France.

In The competition, will see 50 outstanding athletes competing in the freeriding, which involves sliding in untracked snow on difficult and mountainous terrain.

The Mountains Trails Agency said that Tetnuldi resort โ€œhas become a new discoveryโ€ for freeride lovers and noted the World Tour, which covers 300 million spectators around the world, would be important for the development of winter sports and tourism in Georgia.

"This is a victory for our country and a recognition that the mountain and ski resorts of Georgia have great potential. We earned the trust and recognition of international experts. Accordingly, we will host the Freeride World Tour in a dignified way, as we hosted the Bakuriani World Championship. Georgia will once again be marked on the sports map of the world in a new direction" - said the director of the (MTA), Irakli Burchuladze.

According to Mariam Kvrivishvili, Deputy Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development, this decision is very important for strengthening the tourism brand of the counrty.

"This gives us the opportunity to move our mountain-ski tourism products to a new stage, thereby increasing the awareness of our country, including Svaneti, as a tourist destination. This will further strengthen the tourism brand of our country, and of course, it will contribute to the arrival of even more international travelers to the various resorts of our country during the winter tourist season," Mariam Kvrivishvili noted.