Ski resort Tetnuldi is located 15 kilometers from Mestia. Its maximum altitude is 3160 meters, and the minimum is 2260 meters. It takes about 1 hour to get to Tetnuldi resort from Mestia. You need an off-road vehicle to get here. If you do not own an off-road vehicle, then we have good news for you. During the winter season, off-road taxis run daily from the center of Mestia in the direction of Tetnuldi. The price changes every year, but on average it ranges from 70-80 GEL for 2 ways per person. A taxi will pick you up at the resort and take you to Mestia after it closes.

Ski tracks

The total length of Tetnuldi ski tracks is 30 kilometers. Tetnuldi ski track, the longest in Caucasus - 9.5 km. And it has the biggest vertical drop - 1.7 km. There are 4 cable cars on Tetnuldi. Unlike Hatsvali, the Tetnuldi track is designed for intermediate and professional athletes. Tetnuld is also distinguished by the fact that it is possible to ski here in untraceable fluffy snow. However, if you are going to ski in untracked snow, be sure to follow the safety rules. Bring special equipment, beepers, a small shovel, an avalanche bag, and ski with the pros on smooth skis and snowboards.


During the winter season, in the resort operates a small Cafe and a family hotel. Currently, due to the lack of hotels to stay in the resort, tourists prefer to stay in Mestia.


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