About us

Our Purpose

The pristine landscapes, age-old traditions, and enthralling cultural heritage of Svaneti are its greatest assets. The Svaneti Destination Management Organization (DMO) has been established to champion and nurture these unique attributes, ensuring that tourism in the region is sustainable, authentic, and beneficial for both visitors and residents.

Why Svaneti DMO?

The exponential growth in tourism worldwide has highlighted the need for regions like Svaneti to preserve their inherent charm and distinctive culture. Without managed growth, the delicate balance between the environment, traditions, and modern-day needs could be lost. The Svaneti DMO acts as a catalyst, ensuring that tourism in the region thrives in harmony with its natural and cultural surroundings.

Our strategy

Sustainable Tourism: Prioritize initiatives that promote eco-friendly travel, supporting accommodations, and businesses that adhere to sustainable practices. This ensures minimal environmental impact and supports local businesses that uphold the values of the region.

Community Involvement: Engage local communities in decision-making processes, ensuring that the benefits of tourism reach all levels of society. By empowering the local people, we guarantee that our strategies are in line with the true essence of Svaneti.

Authentic Experiences: Collaborate with tour operators and businesses to offer genuine Svaneti experiences. From traditional culinary feasts to immersive village tours, we aim to provide visitors with memories that are truly representative of our heritage.

Preservation of Cultural and Natural Heritage: Implement and support initiatives aimed at conserving the region's natural landscapes and ancient traditions. This includes educational programs, conservation projects, and community-led preservation efforts.

Infrastructure Development: Ensure that infrastructure developments are harmonious with the landscape, and provide facilities that meet the needs of modern travelers without compromising the region's integrity.

Education and Awareness: Host workshops, seminars, and campaigns to inform both locals and visitors about the importance of responsible tourism, thereby fostering a mutual respect between tourists and the communities they visit.

Join us in our journey

The success of the Svaneti DMO lies in the collective effort of stakeholders, residents, and visitors. Together, we can ensure that the enchanting allure of Svaneti remains undiminished for generations to come. Be a part of our mission, and let's co-create a future where tourism and tradition thrive side by side.

Why to become dmo member

By joining a Destination Management Organization (DMO), members, encompassing businesses, local communities, and various stakeholders, stand to gain numerous advantages. Below are the benefits that members can expect:
  • Networking Opportunities: Members gain access to a wide network of industry professionals, businesses, and community stakeholders, fostering collaboration and partnership opportunities.
  • Promotion and Marketing: DMOs often engage in promotional campaigns, and members can benefit from increased visibility and marketing support. This could include listings on official websites, features in publications, or mentions in media campaigns.
  • Education and Training: Many DMOs offer training sessions, workshops, and seminars on topics like sustainable tourism, customer service, or the latest industry trends.
  • Access to Research and Data: DMOs often conduct market research, gather visitor statistics, and study trends. Members can access this data, enabling them to make informed business decisions.
  • Advocacy: DMOs can advocate on behalf of members at local, regional, or national levels, influencing policies and regulations that affect the tourism industry.
  • Discounted Services: Members might receive discounts on trade show participation, advertising rates, or other services offered by the DMO or its partners.

  • Event Participation: Members can participate in or be featured in events organized or endorsed by the DMO, such as festivals, conferences, or trade shows.
  • Resource Sharing: DMOs can facilitate the sharing of resources among members, from best practices and guidelines to physical resources like event equipment.
  • Grant and Funding Information: DMOs are often aware of grant opportunities, funding sources, or financial incentives that can benefit members.
  • Unified Voice: Being a part of a larger, coordinated group allows members to present a unified front when addressing challenges or opportunities, making their collective voice stronger.
  • Crisis Management Support: In the face of challenges like natural disasters, political unrest, or pandemics, DMOs often play a crucial role in coordinating crisis management efforts, communication, and recovery strategies.
  • Sustainable Development Initiatives: DMOs often champion sustainable tourism initiatives, and members can benefit from guidance, certifications, or recognition in these areas.
  • Increased Credibility: Affiliation with a recognized DMO can enhance the credibility and trustworthiness of member businesses in the eyes of visitors and partners.
  • Feedback and Insights: Regular communication with the DMO provides members with direct feedback on their services or offerings, helping them to continually improve.
  • Collaborative Initiatives: DMOs may facilitate collaborative packages or tours, allowing members to jointly offer products or services, thus enhancing visitor experiences and increasing business opportunities.

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