Mestia is the part of Svaneti that has the most visitors every year. The nature here is outstanding, the peaks rising into the sky, alpine lakes, waterfalls and villages scattered on the hills will be imprinted in your memory forever.

Mestia is rich in many cultural heritages. However, the uniqueness of this place is still the Svan towers. In ancient times, in Svaneti, they were built next to residential houses - machubs, and they were used both for living and for defense against the enemy. Today, they are a treasure of the country's cultural heritage and are listed in UNESCO World Cultural Monuments.

You can visit the Svan tower in Mestia, in the Margiani House-Museum. It is located in the village of Lanchvani in Mestia municipality and is one of the attractions of Svaneti.

Margiani House-Museum is an old Svan residential complex in Mestia and it belongs to the Margiani family. The complex includes a residence, a house with all its equipment, a tower, a cellar and others.

In addition to the museum, the Margians also owned 8 towers, of which only 4 have survived. The height and number of towers indicate the power of the family.

Svan Ancestral tower

The ancestral tower of the Margians is part of the museum and attracts the special attention of the visitor. It consists of several floors and each floor has rooms with different purposes. In one of the rooms there is a pantry, where grains and food were stored in special boxes. The house has a large basement with a cellar. Birch jugs and wine pitchers, clay pots for storing honey are stored here.

In the living room of the tower there is a "royal" throne, on which no one except the head of the family had the right to sit. For the guests, the offer to sit on the throne was considered a great honor.

After visiting the tower, you can go up to the roof and enjoy the view of Mestia.


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