Documentary „White Religion“
It is interesting to know to what extent the general public knows the fact of when and by
whose efforts Georgian professional alpinism was founded?!
To get a clear answer to this question, we are waiting for you on April 17, at 16:00, at the
screening of the documentary film „White Religion“ at the Mestia Culture and Art Center.
The film is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the establishment of alpinism in Georgia.
At the beginning, the scenario tells about the great Georgian scientist, professor of Tbilisi and Sorgun universities, metallurgist, mathematician, sportsman and public figure Giorgi
Also, about his associates and active alpinists known to this day, who made a great
contribution to writing and continuing the history of alpinism.
One hundred years ago, on August 28, 1923, Giorgi Nikoladze, together with his fellow
climbers, made the first sports ascent of Mtskinvartsvir. This is where the history of both
Georgian and Soviet professional alpinism begins. It should be noted that five of the eighteen mountaineers in the expedition were women.
As a resident of Mikheil Khergiani’s corner, known as the “Tiger of the Rock”, it is desirable to know better and to pass on to our future generation about those persons who laid the
foundation and bring the history of mountaineering in Georgia to this day.
The film was shot by Adjara TV
Director and screenwriter: mountaineer Kote Abashidze
Duration: 50 minutes
Time/date: April 17, 4:00 p.m
Admission: + 10 years
Ticket price: school students - 5 GEL
Adults - 10 GEL
Tourists - 20 GEL