Mestia Culture and Art Center presents the one-act mimodrama “Betkil”.

The play “Betkil” based on Eva Margiani’s two-act play was staged in 2020, directed by

Kakha Bakuradze.

Betkil is one of the most famous heroes of Svan mythology. He is a brave hunter who

falls in love with Dali, the goddess of the hunt. Many legends survive in Svan folklore

about the hunter Betkil and the goddess of the hunt, Dali. Kakha Bakuradze brought this

legend to life with mimodrama. In the play, the love of Betkil and Dali is brought to life

with a modern vision and various theatrical means. It takes place through body

language and shadow theater, which makes it understandable for any language and

age representative.

short description:

In Svaneti, in the family of a hunter, a son named Betkili was born. He does not betray

the family tradition and he himself appears as one of the best hunters. Time passes and

Betkili meets the most beautiful Tamar, whom he even marries. Tamar’s father gives

Betkil a bow and arrow as a sign of respect, which turns out to be fatal for Betkil. It is

with this bow and arrow that he will go hunting, where he will meet the stallions marked

by the hunting goddess Dali. In the end, Betkili will try to return to his home, which is

why he shares the fate of his predecessors, hunters stuck in carafes...Betkili also

appears as a token booth living in Dali’s domain forever.

The duration of the performance is 50 minutes.

Date:14 April, 20:00 pm

Ticket price - 20 GEL

For local-10 gel

School students-5 gel