Svaneti DMO made a significant impact at the recent MATKA Travel Fair 2024 in Helsinki, Finland, drawing attention from over 50,000 visitors across 70 countries.


Engaging Displays: Svaneti DMO engaged a diverse international audience, showcasing the region's rich cultural and natural offerings.

Sights and Trails: The spotlight was on Svaneti's medieval towers, cultural heritage, and scenic hiking trails, capturing the interest of global travelers.

Information Sharing: Svaneti DMO representatives actively shared insights into the region's historical landmarks and outdoor activities, sparking enthusiasm among visitors.

Successful Networking: The event provided valuable networking opportunities, allowing Svaneti DMO to connect with industry professionals and potential collaborators.

Positive Response: The reception was overwhelmingly positive, signifying growing global interest in Svaneti as an authentic and off-the-beaten-path destination.

This success at MATKA Travel Fair 2024 positions Svaneti as a rising star in global tourism, with expectations of increased visitor interest and sustainable growth in the region. Svaneti DMO remains committed to showcasing the region's unique charm on the world stage.