In 2022 Mestia was one of the winners of the “Best Tourism Villages by UNWTO” project of the United Nations World Tourism Organization. It is worth noting that Mestia was selected among more than 130 destination applications from 57 member countries of the United Nations World Tourism Organization, which is a great achievement. 

Mestia has its own unique nature and culture that reflects their diverse heritage. The village is implementing the country’s plan to develop a co-working and co-living space for remote expatriate workers.

A hiking and trekking paradise over the snow mountains in Mestia offers skiing and snowboarding for eight months of the year while providing internet and great food, therefore resulting in a perfect destination for digital nomads. To mitigate overtourism, the government has also developed a policy to extend the protected areas in the region, to protect biodiversity, preserve nature, and support eco-tourism development in the village.

The village has also developed experience-based tourism with the collaboration of the Mestia municipality, Svaneti DMO, and Georgia Tourism Strategy 2025.