The Archangels church of Skladi is located on Skaldi mountain at 2210 meters above sea level, in the northwest of the village of Paki. According to locals, the Skaldi church was built in the 10th-11th centuries, although there is very little left of its initial appearance. Monastic life in Skaldi was renewed in 2013. In the church, you will find the icons of Michael and Gabriel Archangels and the icon of the Savior. They are the main relics of the Skladi church.

The legend of the construction of the Skaldi CHurch

In Kvemo Svaneti, there is such a story about the Skaldi Church: previously, the Archangel Church was built in a place called Churiasha. One day, the archangel left this church and flew away. The sexton informed the people about this. He saw in a dream that the sky opened: the dome of the church lifted and an archangel dressed in white flew from there. The icon of the church was left without its guardian angel. People decided to find him. They brought two unbroken oxen, yoked them, attached a sledge, and placed the icon on it. Then, the yoked oxen were let to go wherever they wanted. They made their way to the mountain peak, crossing the forest. Finally, the bulls climbed to the top of the mountain, where their hearts burst and died. People took this as a sign that the Archangel was right there and decided to build a church on this spot. They stood in line from the peak to down to the river and gave the building stones to each other hand in hand. This is how the famous church of Skaldi was built. An icon of the Archangel was placed there.


There are fascinating views from the Skaldi church. The temple is a hall-type building with a semicircular apse in the east. The ornamental stones of the old church are stacked on the church platform. The altar is separated by a wooden fence. The chamber of the hall rests on vaulted arches leaned on pilasters. The interior is fully painted. The facades are completely plastered and whitewashed. The south and north facades are decorated with arches. The church has only one entrance from the west and a gate built also from the west, with three arches. On top of the gate, there is an image of a cross in relief. To the west of the temple, there is a two-story bell tower, both floors have four arches on four sides. The first floor is the entrance to the temple yard, and the bell tower is on the second floor. The church and bell tower stand on an artificially created platform.

The temple holiday is celebrated on November 21. Skaldoba is also celebrated in Svaneti every year. The holiday is held every seventh Sunday of Easter which is the date of the Christian Pentecost.

For information: Women's are not allowed


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