If you are planning a trip to Svaneti, you should not limit yourself to Mestia and Ushguli. The beautiful village of Tsvirmi is hidden in the middle of Svaneti with its amazingly rich cultural monuments and history.
Tsvirmi is located in the municipality of Mestia, at 1835 meters above sea level. Tsvirmi is a particularly interesting village for pilgrims and ordinary travelers, because it is in this village that there are four ancient churches, which have been guarded by the Tsvirmi people for almost a thousand year.

The oldest church in Tsvirmi is the "Temple of the Savior of Tsvirmi". The temple dates back to the X century. It is a hall building. The bell tower makes it special. The frescoes of the temple date back to the 12th century. In the Church of the Savior of Tsvirmi, important pictorial and engraved icons of the XI-XII centuries are preserved, the cross in front of the altar is particularly noteworthy for its highly artistic decoration.

In Tsvirmi you will find the "St. George's Cathedral of Tsvirmi" of the 12th century. The temple is decorated with twelfth century frescoes.

Neka Taringzeli Church of the Archangel of Tsvirmi is worth mentioning. It dates back to the X century. There is a painting of the 12th century in the temple. On the central axis of the east facade is a plain, completely unadorned window flanked by two tall, triangular niches. The niches are decorated with large shafts resting on deep cone-shaped bases.

If you are in Tsvirmi, be sure to visit St. Barbara Church. St. Barbara's Church dates back to the Middle Ages. The church is a hall building with an entrance from the south side. The altar is raised by one step and is separated from the hall by a stone wall. The church is built of semi-processed crushed stone and slate.

At the entrance of Tsvirmi, you will notice the church named after the Icon of the Mother of God of Iveria. The foundation for the construction of the church was laid in 2015. Its construction lasted for 3 years and in 2018 the temple was consecrated and opened.
There are beautiful views of the peak of Tetnuldi and nearby villages. So if you plan to go to Ushguli, don't miss the turning sign to Tsvirmi on the way!


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