Among the parts of Georgia, Svaneti is distinguished by centuries-old traditions and amazing nature. In this area, especially, Upper Svaneti is isolated, and it is here that you will witness well-preserved ancient traditions.

Svaneti is the highest mountainous place in the country. Upper Svaneti is rich in high peaks, famous Svan towers, alpine lakes, and customs and promises dizzying impressions to the visitor.

When you come to Zemo Svaneti, Mkheeri Mountain is a picturesque place that you must visit. Here is located the highest Orthodox church in Europe - the Church named after the Archangel. It is decorated with a fresco - " Ascension ", which dates back to the 14th century.

The narrow path leading to the temple standing on the mountain starts from the village of Latali and follows the slope covered with dense forest. The distance from the village to Mkheri Mountain is 7 km. After walking uphill for a few kilometers, you will reach this temple standing on the ridge, from where you can enjoy amazing 360-degree views of Svaneti, the Caucasus Mountains, and the Enguri Valley. Mt. Kheri is 2500 meters high.

Every year, on July 25, the ancient traditional holiday Mkheroba is held on Mkheri mountain. A liturgy is held in the church, pilgrims climb here with great faith and attitude and celebrate the feast. Then they enjoy traditional Svan songs, taste Svan dishes, and attend an exhibition - sale of Svan products.


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