Adishi is a small village located in the municipality of Mestia at an altitude of 2040 meters above sea level. It is one of the oldest villages of Svaneti and is rich in historical and cultural monuments. Its role in Georgian cultural heritage is significant. Adishi is 27 km away from Mestia. A church named after St. George of Adishi was built here.

Sights of Adishi village

Like the Svan highland villages, Adishi is isolated and "unspoiled". Here you will find stone houses and Svan towers built in the Middle Ages. There is an Adishi glacier located in the village.

What should we see in Adishi?

In addition to the Svan towers, the village has four hall-type churches known for their interior and exterior paintings of the Middle Ages. These are the Church of the Resurrection of the Savior dating from the X-XI centuries. 12th-century master painting is preserved here; 2 churches of St.George built in the XI-XII centuries, where you will see paintings depicting episodes of the saint's life; the Cathedral of the Archangel, which dates back to the 12th century and is painted in ancient frescoes.

Four gospels of Adishi, which is one of the oldest monuments of Georgian writing. The four gospels of Adishi copied in the Shatberdi monastery are currently kept in the historical and ethnographic museum of Svaneti.

The characteristic features of medieval Georgian monumental paintings, Svan paintings, are well reflected in the wall paintings of Adishi temples.

In August, the local festival of Lichaaniishi is held in the small basilica named after St. George. By waving their sticks, the Svans ask God for posterity, a continuation of the family name for themselves or for a relativeS. Locals believe that this church is a miraculous place.


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