Shkhara is the highest peak in Georgia, with a height of 5203 meters. The beautiful village of Ushguli is located right at the foot of Shkhara, offering breathtaking views of the peak.

You can get closer to Shkhara and enjoy its magnificent glacier with this easy hiking route. The Ushguli-Shkhara Glacier-Ushguli trail is of easy difficulty, spanning a total length of 16 kilometers. Although the trail is easy, it's advisable to wear comfortable shoes. Bring a raincoat with you because the weather in the mountains can change suddenly; even on a sunny day, it can unexpectedly rain.

The trail starts from the village of Ushguli and follows the road along the Enguri River. Then, the valley turns to the northeast, providing a view of the Skhara glacier. Note that you will have to cross several streams on the way. At the end of the trail, there is a small cafe where you can rest and refresh before continuing your hike. About 500 meters from the cafe, a marked path begins to the right of the main road, winding up the mountain. After passing through a small forest, you will reach the beginning of the Shkhara glacier.

Please be aware that you should not approach the glacier due to the danger of avalanches and melting ice.

After taking photos and enjoying the view, you will return to Ushguli village the same way.


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