Fari-Geshderi-Nakra is a one-day hiking trail that will pass through the beautiful valleys of Svaneti. The trail is of easy difficulty and its length is 21 kilometers. The best period for hiking on the trail is from the second half of May to the end of October. The path is marked, but it is better to have a recorded route on your phone.

The trail starts from the center of the village of Fari and heads north. On the trail, you will have to cross the River Paris Chala, after which you will follow the trail to the south. After walking about 3.4 kilometers, you will reach the village of Gherdeshi, where you can visit the church of Gherdeshi: Archangel "Kaishi Taringzeli". The church was built in the 9th-10th centuries and is one of the most important monuments of cultural heritage.

800-900 meters from Gherdeshi, the path crosses the Ladlina river and enters the village of Kichkhuldashi. From Kichkhuldashi, the path leads to the village of Chaleri. In Chaleri, you can see the medieval church of the deity "Fusdi".
From Chaleri, you continue your journey in the direction of the village of Nakra. On the way you will meet the village of Tavlari. After passing Tavlari, you will go down the serpentine towards the village of Nakra. You will cross the bridge over the Nakra River where your trek will officially end.

What to wear:
The trail is of easy difficulty, but it is necessary to wear comfortable shoes. Have water and food for 1 day.


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