vbnSvaneti is rich not only in cultural monuments, but also in hiking trails. Hiking tourism in Svaneti is becoming popular day by day, which contributes to the development of various tourist destinations.

You will probably not be surprised if I tell you that the favorite hiking trail of travelers and hikers is the direction of Mestia-Ushguli. The trail offers travelers beautiful views, historic villages and untouched nature. The trail will pass many interesting places, including Mulakhi community, Addishi, Khalde glacier, pass through Chkhunderi pass and descend to Ushguli along with Enguri river. The trail is of medium difficulty, its length is 50 kilometers and it takes an average of 4 days to complete.

Day 1: Mestia-Zhabeshi
The hiking route starts in Mestia, near the Ethnographic Museum and goes to Mulakhi community. The route follows the ridge separating Tsaneri and Mestiachala rivers. From the ridge you have beautiful views of the Tsaneri river valley, where Mulakhi community is located. After arriving in Mulakhi community, you can visit the villages and attractions located here. You can spend the night in the village of Zhabeshi. You can spend the night both in a tent and in guest houses on site. In the case of a guest house, it is necessary to make a reservation in advance, because during the summer season there are a lot of people on the trail and the family hotels are often busy.

Day 2: Zhabeshi - Tetnuldi - Adishi
The next day, the trail will take you to the ski resort of Tetnuldi. You will have to walk on the car road for a while, but soon you will be on the path and you will land in the village of Adishi. The village of Adishi is a beautiful village spread over the hillside. Overnight here as well as on the first day is possible in a tent and guest house.

Day 3: Adishi-Khaldechala
The trail follows the valley of Adishistskali. It crosses the river near the glacier, climbs to the view separating Adishistskali and Khaldechala and descends to Khaldechala through the Chkhunderi pass. After entering the valley, the path goes up and you will reach the campsite where you will spend the night.

4th day: Khaldechala - Ushguli
On the fourth day, the trail goes east, climbs the ridge separating Khaldechala and Enguri, from where you will descend to Ushguli through the Enguri valley.

What to wear:
Note that, despite summer, it may rain and be cold in the mountains. Bring warm clothes, rain gear and hiking gear. It is necessary to wear comfortable shoes, because you have to walk 50 km.

When to hike?
The recommended period is July, August, September and mid-October. However, the opening of the hiking season on the trail depends on the melting of the snow cover


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