Lentekhi - Mountain Goldash - village Sakdar is a beautiful  two-day hiking route. This path is moderately , so if you start your hike early in the morning from Lentekhi and aren't afraid of challenges, its possible to do it in one day. In total, the walking distance is 25 kilometers, the path is marked and it takes about eleven hours. 

The hiking route starts in the center of Lentekhi and continues through M. Khergiani Street to the north, towards Mount Goldash. First part of trail follows the ridge which is covered by mixed forest, after passing 7 km it continues through alpine zone, from where you could see magnificent view over the River Tskhenistskali valley to the south and peaks of Caucasus to the north. After that, the trail climbs to Mount Goldash 2840m above see level, from where there is impressive 360 degree panorama. There you will see lake at bottom of mountain, nearby you could spend a night, this is an ideal camping area.

Day 2.

Second day is easier than first one, because most part of the path is downhill. From the Lake the trail follows to south-east of the ridge. It will pass through beautiful forest mixed of boreal and temperate parts.

Finally, the path descends to the village of Sakdar in the Choluri community. It is located on the right bank of River Tskhenistskali, 1110 meter above see level.

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