Svaneti is distinguished by picturesque hiking routes. One of these amazing routes is Etseri - Meziri - Becho. From the trail there are views of the southern peak of Ushba and the villages of Becho communities. Beautiful alpine meadows, forests and mountains are an integral part of this trail.

The hiking route starts in Etseri, on the main road, and is marked with red and white markings. The route is of medium difficulty and can be completed in 1 day. The length of the route is 18 kilometers.

After passing the village of Etseri, you will pass the village of Barshi and follow the marked path. On the way you will meet several shepherd's huts and several streams. We do not recommend taking water from the stream, as the cattle of the village graze nearby and the spring may be contaminated by the cattle. The path follows the field, after which you have to climb 200 meters to the Baki Pass, which is located at 2428 meters. You will see South Ushba from the Baki Pass.

After the Baki Pass, the trail follows the alpine meadows and enters the forest. After passing through the forest, you will meet a small crossroads, do not get confused, follow the road to Meziri Church. Meziri Church dates back to the 11th century and it is located at an altitude of 2285 meters above sea level. The path follows the ridge, towards Lake Meziri. Lake Meziri is a very small lake, and in summer it is relatively dry. However, the peaks and nature reflected in the lake create an amazing sight for hikers.

From the lake, the path continues to the forest. The forest path descends to the village of Tvebishi in Becho community, from where you will soon reach the village of Mazeri.

What to wear:

It is necessary to wear comfortable shoes. Bring a raincoat with you, because it can rain suddenly in the mountains. Also have enough food and water for 1 day.


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