If you are looking for a moderately difficult hiking route in Svaneti with panoramic views, then this route is for you!
Hiking trail Nakra-Utviri-Chuberi is a 2-day route. In total, the walking distance is 30 kilometers. The route can be traversed both on foot and on horseback. You will need 1 day to ride the trail on horseback. The hiking trail is marked and the recommended period for hiking is May-October.

Day 1
The trail starts in Nakra village near the river. On the right bank of Nakra. After about 1.5 kilometers, at the yellow mark, the path goes into the valley of the Utviri river and follows the river. There are beautiful views from the trail. After a total of 9 kilometers you will come across summer stalls and huts. This is the best camping spot on the trail.

Day 2
On the second day, the trail follows the alpine zone. A little further from the huts, you will cross the river Utviri and after 4 km the trail climbs to the Utviri pass. 300 meters from the pass, to the southeast, there is a turnoff to Lake Utviri. It is 600 meters from the turn to the lake. About 3 kilometers west of the pass, there is a summer hut of shepherds. From the hut, the path descends to the valley of the Markhi River and goes to the village of Zeda Marghi, and then crosses the Gvashkhara River and descends to the village of Kvemo Marghi. The trail ends at the bridge in the village of Kvemo Margi. In total, you have 21 kilometers to go on the second day.


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