If you are looking for a challenging 2-day hiking trail in Svaneti, where you can enjoy beautiful Ushba panoramas and colorful flowers, then this trail is for you.

Becho-Guli Pass - Mestia is a difficult hiking trail. Its total walking distance is 25 kilometers, which will take you 2 days. However, if you start hiking from Becho very early in the morning and don't be afraid of challenges, then you will be able to hike the trail in one day.

1 day
The beginning of the trail is at the village of Bagvdanarashi. After a few hours of hiking, you will reach the village of "Guli", where you can see the ruins of towers and the ruins of abandoned houses. There is also the Church of the Archangel Gabriel of the Guli, which dates back to the 9th-10th centuries. From Gully Pass, the trail descends into the valley and slopes down to Koruldi Lakes. The path crosses the road, but here you have to follow the path up towards the lakes. You can spend the night and camp near the lakes.

2 day
The second day is relatively easy, this day you only have to walk 8 kilometers and 99% of the trail is downhill. The path initially follows the road, then descends into the forest, on a slope, and descends to Mestia.


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