Okrotskali Lakes (Big and Small Okrostskali) are located in Svaneti, on the eastern slope of the Khojali range. This route is becoming more and more popular and attractive to travelers every year. Beautiful valleys, panoramas, turquoise and dark blue lakes give you the impression of traveling in a fairy tale world.

The trail of Okorksli Lakes is 3-4 days of hard difficulty.

How to get there

In order to start hiking, you have to go to Lukhi village of Khaishi community. The hiking trail starts 25 kilometers from Lukhi village. This 25 km can be covered by an off-road (4X4) car, or 20 km by a truck that can be rented in the village.

Day 1

the first section of the trail follows the road leading to Abkhazia. soon it descends into the forest, crosses a river, a swampy section and passes into a field, where you will notice an abandoned summer hut in the tall grass on the right. on the first day, you can camp in this field and rest after a tiring journey.

Day 2

The next day, you pass this large field, you cross the Ormeleti River, after crossing the river, the path goes uphill in the forest. After leaving the forest, a huge field will open in front of you, from where you will see a cascade of waterfalls, which flows from the Didi Okrotskali lake. After crossing the field, the most difficult section begins. This is the last ascent to Didi Okrotskali lake. You have to climb 400 meters in the vertical, rather difficult terrain, but after the end of the ascent, a beautiful lake is in front of you. You can camp by the lake.

If you want to go from Big Okrotskali Lake to Little Okrotskali Lake, you should keep in mind that this route is very difficult and dangerous. You will have to overcome a steep slope, climb a rocky slope. Vertical climb of 550 meters and crossing of 2 passes. However, the view of Little Okrotskali is worth it. Abkhazia and even the Black sea can be seen from here in good, cloudless weather.

Day 3

Through the same road, you descend into the valley and head towards the village of Lukhi. This day is very tiring, so you can have 1 extra day and camp at several campsites on the way if you are tired.


The trail is difficult and recommended for experienced hikers. Take 3 days worth of food. There is water on the trail and you will be able to fill up. Do not leave litter and most importantly, enjoy the nature of the beautiful trail!


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