Machubi and the Tower of Oniani's family are located in Nakisheri district of Chukuli. The tower is built from the north on a two-storied Machubi.

There is a pantry and byre on the first floor. The entrance is in the middle of the eastern wall. There are wide windows on both sides of the entrance. The threshold is decorated with an embossed ornament, mostly with triangles and Borjgali (is a Georgian symbol of the Sun and eternity) figures. 

The second floor is residential. It consists of one large room. It is built with small slates. The floor is planked. From this floor Machubi is connected to the Tower with staircase and a small balcony. It was covered with slate, now it is covered with tin.

Tower has a four floor and is built with slate. The entrance to the first floor is from the east side. The first floor is a cellar. The floors are connected by a wooden ladder. The upper floors of the towers are exclusively used for defense, with battlement parapets and embrasures providing cover when throwing projectiles.


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