Hatsvali Ski Resort is located about 8 Km away from Mestia. You can reach Hatsvali ski resort from Mestia by the automobile road or the ski lift. However, Mestia-Hatsvali ski lift might be closed in summer, and travelers will need a car for transportation. The road is paved and any kind of car will be able to go to Hatsvali ski resort, in case the automobile is arranged to move on the snow.

The Ski Tracks

The resort offers skiers four active ski lifts which are open from 10:00 AM to 17:00.

There are 5 ski tracks, with total of 7 km length. The longest ski track is up to 3 km. The ski resort offers all difficulty category ski tracks. There are tracks as for beginners as well for professional skiers. For the extremists who love to experience new adventures, they would be able to ski on the steep slopes, in the woods. Hatsvali sometimes offers skiers the night skiing where the lights are set up.


There are the hotel Hatsvali and and also cottages,  two places for eating. Cafรฉ Zuruldi located at the end of the Zuruldi ski lift, on the highest peak of the resort is the most popular cafรฉ among these places. Guests can enjoy the beautiful views of Svaneti and the mount Ushba from there. This cafรฉ is open every season, and itโ€™s one of the must-see places in the Upper Svaneti region.


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