Did you know that you can also visit glaciers while in Svaneti? One of the easily visited glaciers is the Chalaati glacier. Chalaati is located at the head of Mestiachala, the right tributary of the Mulkhuri River.

The height of the Chalaati glacier tongue is 1850 meters above sea level. It is fed by Ushba, Chatini, Bzhdukhi and Dalakori streams. Chalaadi is the only glacier that cuts through the forest area and descends to 1960 meters above sea level.

How to get here

Chalaadi glacier is located 15 kilometers from Mestia. You can drive 12 kilometers with an off-road vehicle, which will reduce the length of the hiking distance (1 way) to 3 kilometers. The hiking trail starts at 1670 meters above sea level and climbs to 1950 meters. The first 2 km of the trail follows the forest, and the remaining 1 km you will have to hike on rocky terrain. In total, if you go to the beginning of the trail, you will have 6 kilometers to walk (both ways). The trail is of easy difficulty.

What to consider?

It is necessary to follow the safety rules at the glacier. Do not go near the glacier/ice, as it is common for the ice to break off. Stonefall is also common, so try to keep as safe a distance as possible. Do not hike in rainy or foggy weather.


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