Meziri Archangel Church is a monument of the 11th century. It is located in Mestia municipality, on Meziri mountain. Meziri Church is a hall-type church. Meziri mountain has been considered a sacred mountain in Svaneti. The old hymn "Lile" is connected with this mountain. The name of Meziri Mountain comes from the word "Limziri". Limziri means prayer and 'memzir' means worshipper.

Lake Meziri is located near the Church of the Archangel Meziri. There is a legend about this lake. Once upon a time, monks lived near the church. According to the legend, there was no water on Meziri mountain in the abundant Svaneti. One day, God heard the prayers of the monks and created a lake near the church. Locals have always avoided polluting the lake, in their opinion, if they defile the lake, they would incur God's wrath. They believed that if the lake was polluted, it would bring bad weather. It is still forbidden to fight near the lake, to swim in the lake, or to pollute it.


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